​​Most of my life I had an emptiness inside my heart. I turned to drugs at the age of fifteen to fill this void. For the next seventeen years I was in and out of more than a dozen treatment centers, lived homeless, lost jobs and destroyed relationships.

In the fall of 2003 I finally came to the end of myself. Completely broken inside and alone, I heard the hope of a new life through a relationship with Jesus Christ. I surrendered. Since that day I have never been the same. Jesus Christ has set me free from addiction and filled the emptiness of my heart.

Today I am married to my beautiful wife Tracy, and we have a great life together. Now I have the privilege of bringing the message of hope and the power of Jesus Christ to those who are still broken by addiction - helping to save one life at a time.  - Steve

Our story begins in the fall of 2003. A group of friends headed to the Salvation Army Rehabilitation Center (ARC) in downtown Minneapolis to begin serving the men in this long-term residential treatment facility. We were way out of our comfort zones and had no idea where the adventure would lead. We began by teaching, mentoring, facilitating small groups, and generally serving wherever we were needed. In the past ten years we have been able to touch the lives of over five thousand men in this center.

Early on we became convinced of the need for further work with the men on a more personal level. In the spring of 2005, we purchased VERUS COMMUNITY HOUSE, a beautiful five-bedroom home in a quiet residential suburb of Minneapolis. The house is a place where men graduating from treatment can be part of a healthy community and focus on getting their lives rebuilt. We have housed nearly seventy men in the first eight years of operation and have seen many miraculous transformations. Here are just a few of our stories:

Doing Life Together

​Ken:  "Now I'm a jesus Addict!"

​My troubles started early. Some grade school teachers let me sleep in class just so they didn't have to deal with me. At church, I stole the doughnut money to buy cigarettes. By age thirteen I was walking to school with a joint in my mouth. I failed seventh grade and quit school altogether in the tenth grade. By age twenty I had three DUIs.  I would get four more before turning thirty.

In my thirties meth became my life. At one point I was awake for twenty days straight. I'd steal anything of value to support my habit, especially cars. I used meth for the last time in early 2008, just before police busted me while driving a tow truck hauling two stolen cars. I ended up in the Wright County jail where I surrendered to Christ.

From jail, I went into a treatment facility where I met the men of Verus Community. They have become the friends I can count on and have poured into my life non-stop with the love of God. He's replaced my stony heart with His love. Now, I'm a Jesus addict! - Ken


​Kevin:  "I would have never imagined that i would be able to care for others as i do now."

Steve:  "Jesus CHrist has set me free from addiction and filled the emptiness in my heart."

Lee:  "I thank God for the men of Verus Community."

​Carl:  "Verus community house

supports a transition in lifestyle by providing a safe living environment."

​I grew up in a very dysfunctional home in Milwaukee. Even though my parents were active in our church, our home was not 'christian' in any sense of the word. My father was absent, and my mother was abusive. As a result, I became very cynical about religion. I started running away from home and hanging with the older kids at a very early age. I soon discovered that I could mask my pain with drugs and alcohol. Illegal substances would rule my life for years to come.

I met the Verus guys while in treatment in Minneapolis. I saw something that I had never seen before...God's kingdom in action. There was a genuine love for another human being, no matter how far that person had fallen. I thank God for the men of Verus Community.  God used their friendships to save my life. - Lee

​I was born in Santa Barbara, California, in the middle of my parents' divorce. My early memories are of fighting and conflict in our home. The environment was violent as a result of constant drunkenness. In my early teens I first turned to using women, then drugs and alcohol, to ease the pain. Over the next few years I would spend fourteen months in jail and go through ten treatment centers before I was willing to submit my will to God.

Over the past year I have been growing in my faith in the Lord and have seen many relationships restored. I am actively involved in AA and am learning to serve others who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. I would have never imagined that I would be able to care for others as I do now. I know the positive changes I've experienced are a result of my new relationships with the Verus guys that encourage me to seek the Lord's will on a daily basis. - Kevin

​Life sucked!  Finally fed up with my life of drugs, I challenged God, "If you're there, please take me out of this world!" He did. He took me out of my old world of drugs and self-centeredness and gave me new life. I began to learn that the surest way to a full life was to put others first.

I love life! Can't wait to get up and see what the day brings. I think in coming out of the darkness, the extent to which you have sinned, is the extent to which you have the capacity to perform good. In my new life in Christ, I constantly look for ways to serve others. Facing my troubles now is cleansing rather than degrading. Verus Community house supports a transition in lifestyle by providing a safe living environment which encourages and facilitates community service, spiritual growth and healthy social development."  - Carl