​Fellowship, healing and relationship at Verus Community House 

Doing Life Together


Verus Community House is a beautiful five-bedroom home that sits on nearly one-half acre in suburban Golden Valley, Minnesota. It is a peaceful place where men who are committed to moving beyond addiction can be part of a healthy community. We have a limited amount of structure, and we focus on relationships. Each man has his own private room. All of our men have full-time jobs, pay rent, and participate in the life of the community. Although we prefer to have the men stay with us for one year, this is not a set requirement. Some men have remained with us for up to three years before moving on. Our emphasis at the house is three-fold:

​BE KNOWN - Learning to be open and honest about what's really going on in my life. No secrets.

MAKE HIM KNOWN - Making a commitment to live my life in the service of others.

​Verus Community House, Golden Valley, MN

​Executive Director

Verus Community has a new Executive Director!  [Update coming soon]

KNOW HIM - Surrendering to Jesus Christ as Lord and patterning my life after His model.